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What Should The Detroit Lions Do About Aaron Berry?

Aaron Berry’s arrest makes for the sixth arrest in six months for the Lions. With so much negativity surrounding the Lions’ locker room this off-season, most fans are ready to see something done about the Lions’ off the field antics. In one of my previous posts I suggested that the Lions implement a zero tolerance policy if there were anymore slip ups this season. Well, unfortunately there happened to be another slip up, and I believe Aaron Berry should be the first to feel the wrath of a zero tolerance policy.

Berry looks to start for the Lions at corner this season, and with the secondary being the Lions’ weakest position on the roster some fans may be wanting to curse me out for suggesting to cut a potential starter in an area of need. I understand the consequences of losing a player like Berry who could potentially be a solid corner in the NFL or at least a player that can hold the fort down at corner while our younger corners on the roster develop but there is no excuse for Berry’s arrest – there have just been way too many examples of what not to do already.

Berry’s arrest suggests that he either doesn’t care about the previous arrests, perhaps because he knows the Lions won’t punish him, or that he is just plain arrogant. Either way, he has proven that he is incredibly selfish and undeserving to remain on the roster.

What kind of example are the Lions setting if there aren’t any consequences handed out for off the field issues? If the Lions choose to retain Berry there just might be more arrests on the horizon. However, by cutting Berry the front office can show the players they mean business and, hopefully, end these issues all together.

It’s frustrating that the arrests have gotten this out of hand, and that Berry’s action could set the Lions back. An example must be set for the future of the franchise.

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