Detroit Lions 2012 Schedule Preview: St. Louis Rams

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3. What is the general feel around the fanbase regarding Jeff Fisher taking over as head coach?

JS: The Jeff Fisher hiring has completely rejuvenated the fanbase here in St. Louis. I think the fans recognize that bringing in a guy who is proven as an NFL head coach is exactly what the Rams needed after striking out with Scott Linehan and Steve Spagnuolo. Fisher brought a fantastic staff with him to St. Louis, and St. Louis fans truly believe that Fisher is going to get this thing turned around much like Dick Vermeil did when he came to town years ago.

4. How real of a possibility is it that the Rams don’t work out a resolution to their stadium situation and leave for another city?

JS: I know plenty of people here in St. Louis who are highly concerned about the possibility of the team moving to LA. Personally, I feel like the chances are significantly lower than most people think, but there is a chance. Stan Kroenke hasn’t done anything to lead me to believe he wants to move the team out of St. Louis. He helped bring the team here in the first place, and he has opened the checkbook to make this team better ever since he took over as owner. If i were a betting man, I’d have no problem putting my money on the line in favor of the Rams staying put, but this is still an issue that could escalate if it doesn’t get resolved soon.

5. What are your expectations for the Rams this season?

JS: It’s so hard for me to put expectations for the upcoming season on this team right now. We have made so many changes, both in the coaching staff and in player personnel, that I don’t know what’s realistic. I certainly think the team will be greatly improved from last year, but it’s hard to be much worse. I think this organization is a few years away from being a legit threat to make any kind of postseason noise, but I wouldn’t be shocked if the 2012 version of the Rams won anywhere from 4 at the low end to 9 or 10 if everything fell perfectly in place. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, so if I had to predict a record I would say 6-10.

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