Detroit Lions 2012 Schedule Preview: Baltimore Ravens

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3. The organization and Joe Flacco don’t seem to be on the same page regarding his value to the team, what is your take on the situation?

RB: Contract negotiations are always sticky situations in which both parties must tread lightly. I think it’s great that Joe Flacco is starting to speak up and show the world that he believes he can and should be the best. But the front office obviously believes that he needs to better prove himself to make that a more compelling argument. I don’t expect a new contract before this season, but if he can put up impressive numbers in 2012, he’ll hit his payday. It’s a win win situation for the Ravens as Flacco will have no evidence to back his claims if he has a poor season this year, but will get what he wanted all along if he plays well.

4. Will Baltimore fans get up for a primetime preseason game against the Lions?

RB: Why not? Baltimore is a very passionate sports town and the Lions have proved to be a viable playoff contender that should make a good run at the title within the years to come. Should be a great matchup that I’m looking forward to, even if it is just preseason.

5. What are your expectations for the Ravens in 2012?

RB: While they certainly have the ability to make a similar run that they did last season, realistically, I see a step back this season. The Ravens have been in the playoffs for five consecutive years which is an enormous accomplishment. With the Bengals and Browns improving this offseason, the AFC North is getting tougher by the year and It would be extremely difficult to come out on top for a second year with Pittsburgh breathing down their neck. I think that the most probable outcome for the Ravens would be a wildcard berth.

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