Detroit Lions 2012 Schedule Preview: Cleveland Browns

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Zac Snyder: What do you make of the Browns’ quarterback situation and who do you think will start and finish the season as the starter?

SD: At this point, I just don’t see any scenario (barring injuries) in which Colt McCoy is the starter of this team. Brandon Weeden seems to be winning over the fans and media, and from the looks of it, the coaching staff has been impressed so far. When factoring in his age as well, the Browns have to start Weeden sooner rather than later, which means all signs point to Weeden opening the season as the guy under center.

Zac Snyder: Where is your confidence level in Pat Shurmur, is he the right man to turn the Browns around?

SD: It’s probably still too early to tell with Shurmur – I’d give him a mulligan on that first season. With so many things working against him, this is really the year that I feel I can truly start to give an opinion on him. He deserves a chance like anyone else (and having Trent Richardson is not going to hurt one bit). I think he – along with Tom Heckert and Mike Holmgren – are showing they know what it takes to put the team in the right position to succeed.

Zac Snyder: What are your expectations for the Browns in 2012?

SD: I expect the Browns to take strides towards becoming a much better team. I don’t see a regression in this team, not with this past draft class. I think seven wins is attainable with a very tough schedule, but even if they don’t reach that mark, they’ll look much better in the process, setting themselves up for more success in 2013.

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