May 11, 2012; Allen Park, MI, USA; Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz talks to the media after rookie mini camp at the Detroit Lions training facility. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-US PRESSWIRE

Detroit Lions Need to Use Talk as Motivation

The old adage in show business that any publicity is good publicity doesn’t necessarily apply to sports, but it might not be that far off either. The Detroit Lions have been getting hammered in the media recently about their so-called lack of discipline. They even come up with some really creative names like the Cincinnati Lions or the Detroit Raiders, placing the Lions in the same category as the NFL’s top two homes for renegade players. Keep’em coming.

I like the way this scenario is playing out two months before training camp even opens. The Lions are getting disrespected big time by the rest of the league because of the actions of a draft class that barely contributed to the Lions playoff run. Outside of Titus Young emerging late in the year, the class contributed almost nothing. Yet it’s the actions of those players recently that have tainted the ENTIRE franchise and sent the criticism flying. This is really pissing off the organization and I say keep it coming.

The Lions need to come into to camp with a huge boulder on their collective shoulder. Their first winning season since, let’s not go there, is just the first step toward going to the Super Bowl. Coming into camp with something to prove , not like they’ve arrived, is just what the doctor ordered, compliments of a boneheaded rookie class.

You know the Lions are going to hear the question “How are you guys going to overcome your tarnished reputation?” so often this summer that a Lion player is likely to go Justin Bieber on a reporter. They won’t be asking about the great things that they did in the offseason. They won’t be asking Matthew Stafford about his charity work or Calvin Johnson about his contributions, they’ll keep hammering away at that sore spot.

Personally, I think that the rest of the league is loving the fact that the Lions keep tripping over themselves lately. They’re just not used to the Lions not being an automatic win on their schedule any more.

Reputations are hard to change in the NFL, and the Lions have been slowly but grudgingly getting the league to see them in a different light. The snickers from around the league are about the hope that maybe the Lions aren’t for real, and that they’ll go back to their rightful place as the lovable losers.

I was really worried about the Lions coming into camp with big heads after last year. Not any more. The more the players hear those questions, the more pissed off they’ll be. Keep’em coming.

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