Actual Madden 13 Cover Featuring Calvin Johnson Revealed

Two different versions of the Madden 13 cover featuring Calvin Johnson were seen when he was announced as the winner of the cover vote. There was one that was on the posterboards at the unveiling event and another version that made its way around the internet soon thereafter.

As it turns out, neither is what will actually be on store shelves later this summer.

EA Sports recently revealed the actual cover via their facebook page.

Take a look:

Courtesy of EA Sports

It’s really cool to see the images of Ford Field and the RenCen in the background to give the cover some distinct Detroit flavor with a Lion on the cover. It’s also interesting to note that Calvin Johnson is in the new Nike uniform – complete with team logo gloves. If the rest of the team looks as good as CJ does on this cover, then Nike really did a fine job.

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