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Detroit Lions Get Minor Uniform Updates from Nike

Nike unveiled the uniforms they will be providing to all 32 teams starting next season and there were very little changes to the Lions version, as expected.

The biggest difference is of the form and fit variety as Nike is bring its leading fabric technology to the NFL. For the Lions, this means some changes in the way the pants are detailed with the stripe down the side. They are more integrated in the construction of the pants than the previous design although the overall look is not changed. The pants also lose the shine that they once had and will now be a duller gray color – more of a matte finish.

The black and white collar will be replaced by an all-blue collar with the flywire design that will be recognized by college football fans. The collar is an improvement as it helps clean up the overall look of the uniform.

Nike also showcased shoes in Honolulu Blue instead of simply white or black like has typically been seen.

Overall, Lions fans should be pleased with today’s unveiling. The changes should be considered minor improvements or, at worst, negligible.

What do you think? Like it, hate it or don’t really care?

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