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New York Jets Would be Wise to Use Drew Stanton, Not Tim Tebow, as Primary Backup

He’s one of the biggest names in one of our country’s biggest obsessions. Love him or hate him, everyone has an opinion on Tim Tebow and it appears that the New York Jets have a favorable opinion on Tebow after parting with a fourth and sixth-round draft pick to acquire Tebow and seventh-round pick from the Broncos yesterday.

Where does that leave our old friend Drew Stanton?

After spending five years as the Lions’ third-string quarterback, Stanton had earned the right for an increased role. It wasn’t going to come in Detroit so he signed with the New York Jets last week. While it might seem that the addition of Tebow would put Stanton back in the same position he was looking to advance from, the Jets would be best served to keep Stanton in place as Sanchez’s primary backup.

Think back to last season when Tebow was having success with the Denver Broncos. It wasn’t until after the Lions thumped the Broncos 45-10 in week 8 that the Broncos started to tailor their offensive system to suit Tim Tebow’s skill set. He certainly didn’t have success as a more traditional quarterback so the adjustment by the coaching staff was an absolute must.

That’s why the Jets can’t afford to use Tebow on a full-time basis if Mark Sanchez goes down with an injury.

An NFL club either needs to fully invest in Tebow as a starting quarterback and commit to the offense necessary to give that endeavor a chance to succeed or limit his use to just a small offensive package that can be used a handful of times per game.

With Mark Sanchez in place with a new contract extension, fully committing to Tebow is not an option for the Jets. That means Drew Stanton is the Jets’ best option as a number-two quarterback with Tim Tebow showing nothing last season to instill confidence that he can pick up Sanchez left off in case of injury.

Whether or not the Jets organization will come to the same conclusion or whether Drew Stanton will be willing to stick around to find out remains to be seen. Speculation is already swirling what might happen:

The Jets have become known for drama so none of these recent developments should be seen as a shock. I’m glad I’m watching from afar, no matter what ends up happening.

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