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Giants quarterback Eli Manning has a second championship ring and a second MVP trophy and has solidified himself as an elite quarterback in the NFC. That means Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has an almost impossible task of becoming a Pro Bowl quarterback any time soon.

Instead, this is a list of some of the Lions’ most desired targets in the draft and scenarios that would get them to Detroit at the right time for the right draft price.

Some of them will seem silly, and some almost certainly won’t come to pass. In fact, since most of these picks will be first and second-rounders, they physically can’t all happen. Knowing the Lions, none of them will; they’ll go completely off the wall and leave us all wondering what happened.

This can’t be what his advertisers had in mind.

According to Forbes magazine, Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is the fourth-most disliked athlete in America.

It took longer than expected. Preliminary decisions were questioned. Debates extended into the wee hours. We went through a first draft, then a second and even a third. Countless observers were consulted. It wasn’t until I had a full week to mull the 2011 All-NFC North team that I was prepared to make the big reveal.

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