Lions Congregation: Free Agency Priorities

Thanks to Joshua over at DetFan1979’s Roar of the Lions, SideLion Report is part of what is called the Lions Congregation.

This week’s edition features one question regarding the Lions’ own free agents. The same question(s) go out to a panel of Lions bloggers to get a variety of answers and opinions. You can read the answers from all members of the congregation on Friday at Roar of the Lions.

Here is my answer to this week’s question:

Q: Based on their performance last season and available alternatives, who would be your top three or four pending free agents for the Lions to re-sign?

A: There are three Detroit Lions players whose contracts expired following last season that all need to be brought back: Cliff Avril, Jeff Backus and Stephen Tulloch. Prioritizing that list is a difficult task. I can see how one might put Avril at the top of that list but losing him to free agency might be easier for the team to overcome than the other two. For that reason I’ll keep my list at three names and prioritize them all as number one.

Avril plays at the deepest position of the three but is a budding superstar worthy of the lofty sum his new contract will pay him. Jeff Backus has no heir apparent and is still a quality, albeit not Pro Bowl level, left tackle. Stephen Tulloch anchored the center of the Lions defense in a way Lions fans haven’t seen since at least Stephen Boyd. Even if the Lions go on to use their first round draft pick on one of these position groups, the Lions will be worse off next year without any of the three.

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