Look for Detroit Lions to Make Calvin Johnson an Off-Season Priority

Calvin Johnson has one year remaining on the contract he signed after being drafted by the Lions in 2007 but the Lions will likely add him to their list of off-season priorities.

While Calvin Johnson is currently among the highest paid wide receivers in the league, his next contract could add him to the list of highest paid players regardless of position. The precedent to follow is Larry Fitzgerald. Fitz signed an eight-year extension worth up to $120 million with upwards of $50 million in guarantees during training camp last year.

Calvin Johnson’s value to the Lions’ offense has never been in doubt, the only question in the past was whether or not he’d be willing to stick with the Lions when his contract expired. Now, there is no doubt that the Lions are a team on the rise and have their franchise quarterback in place. Megatron should be a Lion for life and there is no reason for the Lions not to open up the wallet.

It’s worth noting that for all the Lions’ mis-steps in the past, they’ve never been shy about shelling out the dough. The team routinely paid out big money to top draft picks without the hassle of prolonged holdouts.

That’s why locking up Calvin Johnson this off-season is a smart move. The Stafford to Johnson connection really started to flourish this year and all involved stand to benefit from ensuring that the two spend the prime of their careers playing with one another. Any question as to whether or not that will happen can, and should, be put to rest before the 2012 season.

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