Three Reasons Why Matthew Stafford Should Be A Pro Bowler

As you know, Matthew Stafford wasn’t elected to the 2012 Pro Bowl.  Calvin Johnson was the only Lion voted to be on the Pro Bowl roster.  That is dissapointing considering the great season the Lions are having.  Instead of Matthew Stafford, Eli Manning was selected to the Pro Bowl behind Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers.  There is no doubt that both Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees deserved to be Pro Bowlers but many are not sure that Manning should have been chosen before Stafford.  Below, is three reasons why Matthew Stafford should have be a Pro Bowler instead of Eli Manning.

1.  Stafford has better stats

Matthew Stafford has better stats than Eli Manning in almost every major QB statistical category.  Stafford has 50 more completions than Manning, 10 more passing touchdowns, 2 less interceptions, a better completion percentage, and a better QB rating.  Also, Stafford had more comeback wins.  Comeback gives you an idea of how clutch a QB is.  Stafford had four double-digit come-from-behind wins.  Did the fans, players, and coaches not look at the stats before voting?  Obviously not.

2.  Stafford is the QB of a better team

If stats weren’t enough, voters should have looked at the records of both the Giants and Lions.  If I couldn’t decide between two players especially quarterbacks, I would look at who players on the better team.  The Lions currently have 2 more wins and play in a tougher division.  The Lions have already sealed their playoff spot, the Giants have not.  Like I said, if a voter was on the fence between the two, why would they not chose Stafford over Manning when Stafford has 2 more wins?

3.  The Lions only have one Pro Bowl player

Not being elected to the Pro Bowl isn’t the end of the world.  However, it is a nice reward and provides a player some national recognition.  How the 10-5 Detroit Lions, the team that is going to the playoffs for the first time in over a decade, only had one player voted to the game is mind-boggling.  The Chicago Bears, a team with a losing record and three less wins than the Lions, have five Pro Bowlers.  The Lions should be represented much better than one player.  Who would be a better representative of the team than the quarterback?



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