Calvin Johnson is Detroit Lions' Lone Pro Bowl Selection

The Detroit Lions may be grudgingly getting respect from the rest of the NFL, but it didn’t show up in the Pro Bowl selections that came out tonight. Megatron was the ONLY Lion picked to start in the 2011 version of the Pro Bowl. Matthew Stafford got beat out of the third quarterback slot by Eli Manning of the Giants. The first two slots were automatic, going to Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. Eli Manning is having a great year, but the Pro bowl is largely based on reputation.

I feel like two Lions got snubbed in the selection process. Matt Stafford is one, the other is DE Cliff Avril. Both should have been picked. Avril is having a monster year. I wasn’t surprised that Ndamukong Suh wasn’t picked this year after starting his rookie year. He just isn’t getting the same results that he did last year; that stomping incident make a bad impression on a lot of people. There’s only one way to get respect in this league, and that is to win in the playoffs. Hopefully that happens this year, and will be reflected in next years Pro Bowl.

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