What Do We Know About the Detroit Lions Playoff Chances?

So what do we really know after the football action from last weekend? We know that Atlanta won, which is bad, and that the Lions won, which is good. We know that Chicago lost, which helps the Lions, except that Seattle was the team that beat them, which could hurt the Lions. We know that the Giants lost, which was unexpected, and that Arizona won, which was expected, but also troubling, as they are in wild card contention and hold the tie breaker over the Lions.

We know that Green Bay lost, which is downright inconceivable, but could provide the impetus for the Packers to rest their starters in the last game of the season against the Lions. We know that the Colts won, which has no impact on anybody but makes me feel good for former Lions Dan Orlovsky and Jerome Felton and Ernie Sims, who have already suffered through one 0-16 season.

We know that Dallas and New York still play each other, as do Seattle and Arizona and Chicago and Green Bay. We don’t know who will win, and in some cases we don’t even know who to root for.

We know that the Lions are injured, but we know that everyone else is too.  We know that Matt Stafford is pretty good but that the run defense is pretty bad.  We know that if the Lions win one more, they are in. We know that if they lose the next two, they could be out.  We know that pessimists think they are going to choke and optimists think they are going to clinch.

But in the end all we really know is that we don’t know how it is going to end – and that it sure is fun being able to discuss a playoff run in December instead of plotting draft strategy.

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