Another Reason to Dislike Green Bay Packers Fans

The NFL has passionate fans, there is no doubt about that. However, with passion comes the tendency for regrettable acts as fans deal with the disappointment of a loss.

Lions know a lot of that having had to deal with an entire season filled with losses. That kind of pain can lead to questionable decision making, take the following for example:

Some ink commemorating a winless season wouldn’t be something I would consider but it apparently means something to him and it doesn’t hurt anyone. That’s more than can be said for how one Wisconsin woman dealt with last weekend’s loss by the Green Bay Packer (their first of the season, mind you). From the Green Bay Press Gazette:

A drunken woman grabbed her 11-year-old daughter by the neck and choked her on Sunday after becoming angered by the Green Bay Packers game, police said.


The woman was drinking alcohol and became upset because the Packers were losing to the Kansas City Chiefs. The girl said that after the Packers lost, her mother choked her again with enough force that she couldn’t breathe, the criminal complaint said.


The woman’s husband told police she also threw her dinner on the floor, broke a lamp and tried to punch him in the face because she was upset about the game, the Packers’ first loss in 14 games this season.


The Packers are the defending Super Bowl Champions and enjoying perhaps the best season in their illustrious history and one loss drives a woman to (allegedly) commit felony child abuse? I was no fan of Packers fans to begin with, this certainly won’t change my opinion. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was wearing a cheesehead painted with the word “owner” after buying a $250 share of team “stock” that went on sale recently.

On one hand this really makes me want to root against the Packers more than usual but if it means protecting the welfare of children, let them win. Is that kind of perspective too much to ask from this woman? I sure hope not.

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