Scanning the Savanna: Detroit Lions Game Day Edition

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“It can get testy at times but I try to leave it on the field,” the six-time Pro Bowl selection told after Friday’s practice. “Once you’re off, I’m a husband and a dad. My wife will tell you, ‘I don’t know who he is when he plays.’ When you put that helmet on, you go into that gladiator mentality. That’s how I’ve survived double-digit years in the league.

“You’ve got to have a (physical) mentality. To be great, you have to play on the edge.”

Suh is still trying to find that balance.

In keeping with our theme, both teams come into the game with more questions than answers. Injuries have hit both teams. A fast start to the season has given way to some inconsistent play lately. And…yes…all those yellow flags on the field seem to follow both teams everywhere.

He closed his eyes, clenched his body and for a few frightening seconds that felt like forever, Eric Wright thought his life was over.

Wright was heading home from a Jay-Z concert in downtown Cleveland that wet October night two years ago. It was just after 2 a.m., the roads were slick and he was driving too fast in his white Mercedes CLS550.

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