San Diego Chargers' Turmoil Could Help Detroit Lions' Playoff Hopes

Pride of Detroit’s Sean Yuille has put together some great rooting guides for Detroit Lions fans over the past couple weeks. I highly recommend checking out this week’s edition now that the playoff picture is taking shape and each game carries increased importance.

There is just one addition I’d like to make.

The San Diego Chargers’ season could go down in flames on Sunday and the good news is that they play in primetime so we’ll all be able to watch. Why should Lions fans care about a week 15 game between the Chargers and Baltimore Ravens? Just one reason, one more loss could effectively end the Chargers’ season. That would make 8 on the year and they just might find themselves eliminated from playoff contention by the end of the night.

Rumors are swirling that Norv Turner will be fired if the Chargers miss the playoffs once again. An early elimination from contention means the Chargers enter their game in Detroit with nothing to play for, not even their coach’s job.

It’s been a long time since the Lions were last in the playoffs, I’m not above rooting for organizational disarray to help the Lions along the way. The Lions will need a win regardless, might as well root for the best possible situation to make that a little bit easier.

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