The ball bounces the Detroit Lions' way in win over Minnesota Vikings

The ball finally bounced our way. It’s ironic that the Detroit Lions, who have committed penalties this year in every conceivable way imaginable, won the game when a penalty wasn’t called. The Lions sure know how to make it interesting.

Watching that ball bounce away was the prettiest sight I ever saw. If Joe Webb gets into that end zone, the Lions season for all practical purposes might have been over. I was at the game yesterday and was holding my breath, too nervous to yell, on the last snap. After getting 21 points before most people settled into their seats, how on earth did it come down to the ball on the 1 yard line with 9 seconds left and Lions facing almost certain defeat.

The way Joe Webb, the guy was a 3rd stringer a couple of weeks ago, was dominating the Lions in the second half I didn’t think they stood ANY chance of stopping him on the one yard line. I was already mentally prepared to be royally pissed for the rest of the week. Then the ball started bouncing like it had it’s own mind. I was too stunned to have tears in my eyes.

It’s called winning ugly and I’ll take it every chance I can. The Vikings just out uglied us.
ANYTHING can happen in the NFL and you take your wins anyway you can get them, just ask the Bears and the Cowboys how it feels to lose at the last second.

The Lions defense was decimated by injuries and were struggling just to find 11 guys who could play. They even had a wide receiver, Rashied Davis, play defensive back. That’s still not an excuse let a 2-10 team run roughshod over you. The way the Vikings were giving away touchdowns to the Lions, it never should have come down to the last play.

It’s starting to bug me the way the Lions let other teams take Megaton away. The best receiver on the planet can handle the double team once in awhile. This is really galling when you consider the fact that the Lions basically have no running game. They can’t keep their backs healthy. They’re probably the only NFL team that trolls Craig’s list for available running backs.

It was great to be among my kind at the stadium yesterday. People that CARE about the Lions. Being a Lions fan in the past meant most people thought I had something wrong with me. Everywhere I looked someone was wearing Lion gear. We didn’t have any problems, except that midway through the second quarter I found out I was sitting in the wrong section. It was pretty cool high fiving total strangers and collectively holding our breath on that last play. I’ll take the win, but from now on could the Lions please not put me on the brink of a heart attack?

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