Talk About Matthew Stafford's Glove is Vastly Overrated

Matthew Stafford’s glove is gone and it doesn’t sound like it will be coming back. Here are some words from MLive’s Phil Zaroo:

It looks like the most infamous glove in Detroit Lions lore is just that – part of history – as quarterback Matthew Stafford was throwing without protective handwear at Tuesday’s practice.

The glove has gotten a lot of talk while the real issue was hardly discussed at all. It’s not about the glove; it’s about the hand inside it and the decision making of the man wearing the glove.

The shedding of the glove is great news but it has nothing to do with the way Matthew Stafford threw the ball with the glove. It is great news because it means Stafford’s finger is sufficiently healed to the point that the glove is no longer necessary.

Matthew Stafford wasn’t wearing the glove on his throwing hand as some sort of fashion statement or simply to test a new fad. He wore the glove to grip the ball, something he couldn’t do with a bare hand as a result of a finger injury sustained against the Denver Broncos.

The glove made for a convenient, yet lazy, narrative coming out of the game in Chicago. Matthew Stafford played poorly, Matthew Stafford wore a glove, glove must be the problem, right? If it is that simple, what is the simple explanation for the poor play of nearly every other Detroit Lion that day?

It would have been legitimate to question whether or not Stafford’s hand (what’s in the glove, not the glove itself) was healthy enough for him to play but that question was answered starting with the second quarter of the Lions game against the Carolina Panthers. Stafford arguably played his best football of the season during the final three quarters, yes, while wearing the glove. The difference wasn’t glove/no glove, it was decision making. Yeah, Staff, teach me how to glovie.

It seemed like talk about the glove could be put to rest but then came the Thanksgiving Day game against the Green Bay Packers. The glove was back and there were more interceptions. Must be the glove’s fault. Or not.

Clay Matthews comes down with a ball batted high into the air.
Rob Francois snares a ball that shouldn’t have been thrown at all, glove or no glove.
Charles Woodson wrestles the ball away from Brandon Pettigrew.

Sing it with me now: What’s glove got to do, got to do with it?

Yeah, I’m glad the glove is gone. It means Stafford’s hand is healthy and nothing more. Now it is just a matter of avoiding the throws that should never leave his hand.

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