A Reason to Be Thankful for The Detroit Lions

This Thanksgiving I’m reminded that the Detroit Lions, as part of the larger athletic community, provide us with numerous reasons to be thankful.

Many people don’t understand how important following a team is to us as people.  Sports provide us with a sense of community.  Unlike a hundred years ago, in our current, technically advanced world we can go days, weeks or even months without even seeing our neighbors.  In previous centuries, everyone in a community was dependant on each other.  While that sense of community and commonality has almost disappeared it is still heavily prevalent in sports.  Rooting for the Detroit Lions, or Green Bay Packers, or any team, make us part of something bigger.

Today, fans accross Detroit, Michigan and the United States can root for something that is ours, and for the first time in a while something that we can proudly proclaim we’re a part of.  Whether we’re at the game “high fiving” fellow fans after a Matt Stafford TD pass to Calvin Johnson, or chest-bumping Uncle Tony after a Ndamukong Suh sack on the TV or chatting with unseen, fellow Detroit Lions fans on-line after a Chris Houston interception return for a TD, sports in general, and the Detroit Lions for our sake, give us a reason to remember our community and be thankful for it.  People have a need to be part of something big

Even more importantly, rooting for a team can draw you closer to the most community we have.  Our family.  I cherish every moment I had with my father watching the Lions and look forward to all those moments to come with my son, win or lose.  But I’m especially thankful this year that it’s happening with a lot more winning.

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