Comeback Cats? More Like Heart Attack Cats

There is no question that the Detroit Lions showed up ready to play last Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. The only problem is that they didn’t show up until the 2nd quarter. This follows a Dallas game where they showed some good ol’ fashioned southern hospitality by spotting the Dallas Cowboys 20 points by halftime, and a Minnesota game where it seemed the Lions spent the first half in the Mall of America. The Lions came back to win all these games. The Lions seem to relish this.

Me – I could do without the drama. I could do without the faith, whiskey, and blood pressure pills required to watch them. Don’t get me wrong – nothing beats a good comeback. After the last ten years I have enjoyed watching every win, enjoyed watching other teams underestimate them, watching other teams look around in bewilderment as their lead crumbles. The Lions have proven that they have NFL-caliber talent, a never-say-die attitude and a basic belief in their abilities.

But it is hard on me. As much as I believe in this team, the phrase “same old Lions” is part of my DNA. And I can’t believe that the slow starts won’t come back at some point to haunt them. Lay an egg in the first quarter against the Packers and Clay Matthews will likely scramble it and serve it up to Aaron Rodgers.

So I am going to beseech you, in this most important week, while playing on national TV, to play a full game. Come out in the first quarter and seize a lead instead of having a seizure. Take some pressure off of your defense and your coaching staff and my heart and put a few early points on the board. Don’t just do it because it will help you win the game – do it for all your fans that get the same angry disgusted feeling that I get when you don’t seem into the game. If nothing else do it for me – I am running out of whiskey and blood pressure pills.

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