Detroit Lions vs. Carolina Panthers Key Matchups

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Cam Newton vs. Detroit front 7

The Carolina Panthers were the worst team in football last season, and although their record isn’t evidence or a turnaround, they are a much improved team. Simply put, they are dangerous. They aren’t going to win their division, or earn a wildcard spot, or even come close to a winning record; but they can play with anyone on any given Sunday, and have proven that thus far this season. This is a team that can step up any given week and beat an elite NFL team.

The reason for this is Cam Newton. Amid the hoopla that accompanies any first overall draft choice, there were plenty of naysayers who screamed their doubts into the ears of the rookie quarterback, and all who would listen. Newton was immediately categorized as a Tim Tebow quarterback; one with zero transferable NFL skill, who was simply the product of a system in college. The difference here is that Newton has proven that he actually does possess the skill necessary to be a signal caller in this league.

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