Scanning the Savanna: What They're Saying About the Detroit Lions' Loss

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There are few things more satisfying than seeing a bully exposed as a fraud. And when the bully gets hopping-up-and-down mad about it, and keeps trying to act tough, yet keeps getting exposed, well, that’s just straight-up comedy.

Matthew Stafford spent most of Sunday afternoon throwing in the general direction of other players, except for a few times when he threw absolute lasers to gentlemen who happen to play for the other team. I don’t know how he missed them. The Bears were all dressed in traffic-cone orange. I thought they might ticket him for passing recklessly through a work zone.

This is what we want from our NFC North football, isn’t it? We want two hard-hitting teams bashing heads, before the whistle and after, for 60 minutes. We love it when weather conditions affect the game. We live for all-out brawls that reduce our heroes to raw gladiators.

And despite a lull by the Bears’ offense, the defense scored two touchdowns and forced six turnovers by the Lions, one more than they had conceded in the previous eight games

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