Celebrating 11/11/11 From a Detroit Lions Angle

With today being November 11, 2011, otherwise known as 11/11/11, the number 11 is sure to get a lot of attention. As such, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the number 11 as it relates to the Detroit Lions. I’m sure there are a number of interesting number 11 tidbits that I forgot so feel free to leave more as a comment. Anyway, here goes.

11 is…

The number of games Rod Marinelli would have won as head coach of the Lions if he could have managed to go 1-15 in 2008.

The number of seasons since the Lions last finished with a record above .500.

The average number of losses the team has suffered over the last 15 seasons.

The number of head coaches the Lions have had in the last 25 years.

The most wins the Portsmouth Spartans had in any season before moving to Detroit and becoming the Lions.

The number of losses the Lions suffered in their first win-less season (1942).

The number of teams in the NFL when the Detroit Lions played their first season (1934).

Detroit Lions players to wear the number 11:
Emil Banjavic (1942)
Maxie Baumgartner (1948)
Mike Black (1983-1987)
Richard Booth (1941, 1945)
Daunte Culpepper (2008-2009)
Edward Frutig (1945-1946)
Jim Gillette (1948)
David Kircus (2003-2004)
Greg Landry (1968-1978)
Clyde Leforce (1947-1949)
Stefan Logan (2010-present)
Danny McMullen (1932)
James Moscrip (1938-1939)
Clarence Self (1950-1951)
Arthur Van Tone (1943-1945)
Andre Ware (1990-1993)
Roy Williams (2004-2008)

Players drafted number 11 overall by the Detroit Lions:
Dave Schreiner (1943)
Tom Nowatzke (1965)
Greg Landry (1968)
Luther Bradley (1978)

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