Conversing with the Competition: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears

The well-rested and rejuvenated Detroit Lions will face the surging Chicago Bears on Sunday. Back again with another look into the Chicago Bears is Rant SportsChicago Bear Jew. He helped us get ready for the first meeting between the two teams and I checked in with him again to see what has been going on with the Bears since we last saw them.

Here we go…

Zac Snyder: The Bears haven’t lost since their Monday Night matchup with the Lions, what has been the difference?

Jonathan Carroll: The offensive line made huge strides and this started against the Lions. Cutler is a great quarterback and Forte is one of the league’s best. Getting wide receiver Earl Bennett back was a key against the Eagles.

Defensively, the safeties are sucking less. The other guys are really good.

ZS: Can the Bears offensive line keep Jay Cutler clean for a second straight week?

JC: This group had been playing well for several weeks. It’s the national media that fails to notice it. You’ll see it for yourself. Mike Tice is an amazing coach, and he’s got this group playing some strong football. Cutler has been rolling out and that helps as well.

ZS: What kind of hype is this game getting in Chicago?

JC: Let’s just say the Bears and fans really don’t like the Lions much anymore. Several of us that attended the game were shocked at how obnoxious Lions fans acted considering the team hasn’t won anything. We recognize the importance of this game for the Bears and the Bears have worked way too hard to get back into this thing. It’s a bigger ticket than Green Bay.

ZS: When are the Bears going to show Matt Forte the money? Is there any worry from fans that that front office will mess this up?

JC: Screw Matt Forte. He’s a whiney bitch that is complaining and being totally unreasonable. He’s a great player, but the Bears can franchise him twice. It’s not like it’s a slap in the face to make top dollars. He wants guaranteed money, then compromise. There’s two sides to this and the public had only been exposed to one side. His benching during the second half of the Eagles game sent a loud message to Forte. Hopefully he was listening.

ZS: How will this game play out and what will be the final score?

JC: I’m out of the prediction business, but the winner of this game beats the Packers in the playoffs. Like them apples…

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