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The Atlanta Falcons Still Won't Shut Up About the Detroit Lions

It has been over a week since the Lions and Falcons played but some members of the Atlanta Falcons just can’t let go of their obsession with the Detroit Lions.

It really isn’t a smart move considering Roddy White has already been exposed as a liar but Falcons fullback Ovie Mughelli used his weekly contribution to his hometown newspaper to keep on talking.

Here is a bit by bit look at what he had to say:

So, I’m sure you guys heard that the Detroit Lions were giving our quarterback Matt Ryan, a hard time during the game last week.

Yeah, I’ve heard a lot more than I care to hear. I’ve got a bad feeling we’re going to hear more…

I didn’t hear all the talk, but I did hear some of it and the Lions were talking a good bit during the game.

Bad feeling confirmed. We’re in for more talk, this time from a guy that admits to not hearing everything. Credibility meter falling rapidly.

One guy in particular, defensive tackle Ndamkong Suh was the one giving Matt the hardest time.

Translation: I didn’t hear everything so I don’t have firsthand knowledge of the full story but Ndamukong Suh is the villain here.

Don’t get me wrong we were talking right back to the Lions, but to question a guy’s injury after you’ve nearly ripped his head off is ridiculous.

Ah, so the Atlanta Falcons did play a role in the trash talking. Are football fans supposed to feel bad for the Falcons because you were naughty but the Lions were worse? How about this: talking about talk a week after the fact is ridiculous.

It was a chippy game. You could tell that we didn’t like each other, but those are the games that are the most fun to play in.

We don’t expect you to like each other on the field. Leave it there, you’re making me not like you off the field. These are the games that are the least fun to talk about.

Some of the so-called experts have accused us of being ‘whiners’ but how can you be a whiner if you’ve won the game?

Pretty easily and you’re doing a good job of proving it.

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