Three Denver Broncos To Watch Out For

1.  Tim Tebow

A lot of eyes will focus in on Tebow come this Sunday.  The media and following behind Tim Tebow may be bigger than the Lions-Broncos game itself.  The national media is fixed on Tebow for some reason and you can’t turn on SportsCenter anymore without hearing an update or two on him.  Last week, he struggled for the majority of the game but scored twice in the last 2:44 in the game and eventually won in overtime.  Tebow completed 13 out of 27 passes and threw for 2 TDs and 0 INTs.  He also ran for 59 yards on only 9 carries.  His stats in that game aren’t impressive but they weren’t terrible especially since he didn’t turn the ball over.  Tebow scares me a little bit because he can run the ball too.  The Lions struggle against the run and Tebow can turn nothing into something.  It will be interesting to see how he comes back from that win against a much better team.

2.  Eric Decker

You are probably asking yourself “Who in the world is Eric Decker?” and I was too when I saw him leading the Broncos in receptions.  So far on the year, he leads the team with 24 receptions , 4 TDs and has been targeted 12 more times this year than any other Bronco.  Decker is in his second year as a pro and only caught 6 passes all of last year.  Safe to say he has exploded onto the scene in Denver.  Decker isn’t flashy but he is a solid all-around WR that does many things including blocking downfield.  Hopefully the Lions secondary can keep him from having a big game.

3.  Von Miller

Von Miller was the second overall pick for the Broncos in last year’s draft and he is proving why he was selected so high.  Already he has compiled 6 sacks so far which ranks him sixth in the NFL.  Von Miller is fast, strong, quick, athletic, and about everything you want from a linebacker.

From Kim Constantinesco of FanSided’s Denver Broncos blog, Predominantly Orange:

The Lions will be challenged by Miller on Sunday. With each game, he gets better. Expect an explosive pass rush out of him. He also gets to the backfield fast so he can get running backs down for a loss. Against the Dolphins, he had 5 tackles, two for a loss and a sack. No one has been able to contain him yet.

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