Highlights from Jim Schwartz's Weekly Radio Appearance

Jim Schwartz joined Doug Karsch and Scott Anderson on 97.1 FM in Detroit. Here are some highlights:

- The Lions have played the game that their opponents wanted to play the last two weeks. Need to hit big plays and not allow the 50 yard runs.
– In regards to getting the ball to Calvin, the Lions want to be efficient on offense no matter who gets the ball. Everyone responsible for offensive efficiency.
– Lions want to play hard and there will be times they get the facemask and the quarterbacks are going to be protected.
– Stafford had some uncharacteristic misses. He has set a high standard that his “bad” games aren’t as bad as other quarterbacks’.
– Every opponent has had a different approach to defending Calvin Johnson.
– Lions two-minute drill hampered by needing touchdowns late in the game rather a field goal.
– Stafford has made some sidearm throws in the past and might be doing it more lately but it is not a concern.
– Defense has played well against the run except for a few plays. Falcons averaged 2.6 yards per carry aside from the 50 yard gain.

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