Scanning the Savanna: Detroit Lions Game Day Edition

Scanning the Savanna is a daily feature that brings fresh Detroit Lions and NFL related content to your fingertips each morning. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s scan the savanna together.

You’ve got to give it to Detroit, one of the last places in America that actually makes something, including — so far this season at least — some pretty Teamster-friendly football.

Tough town, tougher defense.

You can take Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford out of their separate areas of Georgia. You can even remove the Tech-Georgia rivalry — for 51 weeks a year anyway — as a hindrance to their relationship.

As teammates with the Detroit Lions, little has gotten in the way of what the duo is accomplishing against NFL opponents.

It’s October, but this is a key game for both teams in the NFC playoff picture. The Lions will hold most wild-card tiebreakers with a win as they’ve already beaten the Buccaneers, Cowboys and Bears — other teams that could be in the mix.

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