Atlanta Falcons at Detroit Lions: A Q&A

Earlier this week, I posted the Falcons side of a Q&A I did with Blogging Dirty’s Jamie Kelly. He recently posted my side of the Q&A:

Blogging Dirty – The Lions have had a very good start to the season. What has been the catalyst for this early season success?

SLR – Mostly talent. The Lions weren’t very good for so many years for a reason: they didn’t have very good players. That has slowly changed over the last two seasons to the point that the group they have now expects to win. The four game winning streak to end last season showed them (even if they already believed it) that they can win. Even with the lockout, the Lions were able to maintain a lot of consistency in their approach and philosophy so they were able to hit the ground running.

Head to Blogging Dirty to read the rest.

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