Scanning the Savanna

Scanning the Savanna is a daily feature that brings fresh Detroit Lions and NFL related content to your fingertips each morning. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s scan the savanna together.



The Road to XVI comes to an end this week, for a fairly obvious reason: We ran out of highway funding. Apparently when you are painting lines on a road, it’s cheaper to use white paint than diamonds dipped in gold. The guy in charge of building the Road to XVI has left for another job, and following local custom, I gave him a six-figure severance check.



Just as tight end Brandon Pettigrew did last week, Detroit Lions defensive end Cliff Avril recently stopped by the Pride of Detroit Podcast. While on the show, he talked about his contract situation, playing alongside Kyle Vanden Bosch, the 5-0 start, fashion and much more.


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