Cowboys Stadium Video Screens Surpass Ridiculous Parody Status

Fans of Weird Al Yankovic’s music parodies will recall a tune by the title “Frank’s 2000″ TV” (see embedded video). Assuming that the theoretical television set in the song stuck to the standard measuring convention, the 2000″ known dimension is measured diagonally. The song came out in 1993 and it was really funny because a 2000″ television is ridiculous, right? I mean, that thing was over 100 times bigger than the set most people had in their homes at the time.

Enter Jerry-World’s crazy big video screens that were installed prior to the stadium’s opening. The Mitsubishi Diamond Vision screens measure 160 feet wide by 72 feet tall. Those familiar with the pythagorean theorem can tell you that those dimensions make for a diagonal dimension of about 175.5 feet, or 2,105 inches. Sorry Frank, looks like it’s time to find a new TV.

In keeping with the mathematical theme, I arrive at the following:
Technology + Ego > The imagination of a 1990s parody musician

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