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But how, exactly, have the Lions started off so strong? They’ve done it by simultaneously having the one of the best performing offenses and defenses in the league.

The climb began late in 2010. First, Detroit beat a Green Bay team that went on to win the Super Bowl. Then the Lions even won a road game.

Now, it seems every week brings a new milestone for this resurgent franchise, and coach Jim Schwartz is far from satisfied.

The old saying was that the Lions would snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory; they would find new and inventive ways to lose football games. This year they’re proving the opposite, and eliminating the reasons for us to expect the “same old Lions”.

But everyone, including the Lions, agreed that this team would never win until there was a culture change. Defining a culture change is pretty tough to do. Enacting a culture change is even harder. But I always thought that the best example of what the Lions were after was the Steelers.

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