Three Reasons Why the Lions Will Beat the Vikings

1. Donovan McNabb

Donovan McNabb is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in my lifetime.  He led the Eagles to four consecutive NFC Championship Games and is a six-time Pro Bowler.  The Donovan McNabb now playing for the Vikings isn’t close to the McNabb that played for the Eagles all those years.  In his first game in a Viking uniform, McNabb threw for less than 40 yards against the Chargers.  Not good.  He improved his performance last week with 228 yards but only had a 83.8 QB Rating.  Detroit’s secondary is much improved and that combined with the front seven of the Lions, McNabb doesn’t stand a chance.  McNabb used to be agile, quick, and could get himself out of pressure but not anymore.  One of Minnesota’s top weapons, Percy Harvin, is mysteriously not playing much anymore.  Percy Harvin’s limited playing time definitely doesn’t help McNabb or the offense.

2. Matthew Stafford

Sorry Viking fans, Shaun Hill won’t be the quarterback starting against you this time.  Instead you’ll have to bother with one of the hottest quarterbacks in the league right now.  Stafford has already thrown for 599 yards and 7 touchdowns this year.  The Vikings are ranked in the bottom third of the league in passing difference.  I expect a repeat of his past two performances against the Vikes this weekend.  The Lions are stacked at receivers with Johnson, Young, Bureleson and have two great tight ends.  Matthew Stafford is the only QB that hasn’t been sacked this year.  That is a testament to the offensive line’s great pass protection.  Once again, I don’t expect Stafford to have any sort of problems against the Viking defense.

3. Minnesota is awful after half-time.

The Vikings have took big half-time leads to the locker room this year only to be beat both times.  They blew a 17-0 lead last week against the Bucs and had a 17-7 half-time lead against the Chargers before losing the game.  Last week, the Lions outscored the Cheifs by 28 points in the second half.  We are only two games into this season but Viking fans should be concerned with the way the team has played in the second half of the games.  I do not know the cause of this problem but it needs to be fixed for the Vikings to have a successful season.  Hopefully the trend will continue this Sunday.

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