What Would You Change About the Detroit Lions Uniform?

Nike doesn’t become the official uniform provider of the NFL until next April but the wave of Nike Pro Combat uniform unveilings going through college football has people wondering if Nike will take the same progressive approach to the pros.

The current Detroit Lions uniform

It remains to be seen how drastic the changes will actually be but it is reasonable to expect some changes nonetheless. Perhaps they’ll be of the “fabric and fit” variety or perhaps they will be tinkering with some of the details.

The possibilities got me to thinking. Dangerous, I know.

Knowing that there is a very good possibility the Lions uniforms won’t look exactly like they do now, I started thinking about what aspect of the uniform I wouldn’t mind seeing changed. It wasn’t hard to talk myself into a decision as there is one rather innocuous part of the uniform that I just don’t care for very much.

The stripe down the center of the helmet.

The uniform modifications made prior to the 2009 season made the helmet stripe thinner than it used to be and increased the color count from two to three while taking the individual stripe count from three to five. I know, it is a little thing to complain about but it’s just that it doesn’t seem to fit the style of the rest of the uniform.

What about you? I set up a handy poll below to give you the opportunity to jump in the discussion. Use the comments section to expand on your selection or to bring up an aspect of the uniform I have not considered.

What would you change about the Lions uniform?

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If you hadn’t given the helmet stripe any thought before but you know can’t look at it without wincing, I’m truly sorry.

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