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You would think it was a given. Ask Ken Griffey Jr.’s son who his favorite athlete is and you would have to figure Trey Griffey would put down his father. So it’s an obvious choice, right?

ESPN’s people examined every pass by every quarterback over the past three seasons, and use a complex formula based on a dizzying array of metrics to rank the quarterbacks. Things like down and distance now matter. They explain it here.

Detroit’s quarterbacks, naturally, fare poorly under the new system — just like they do under the official NFL passer efficiency system.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady admits it’s easy to get lulled into a false sense of security when you spend nearly the entire first month of the football season wearing the shield of a red non-contact practice jersey. Brady fully expects — and welcomes — the idea of the Detroit Lions snapping him out of it on Saturday.

Of course, Stafford can’t raise the Titanic alone. If you play in the NFC North you better have something more than a quarterback to catch Green Bay and Chicago; you better have something — or someone — to squeeze Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler, too.

And the Detroit Lions do.

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