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Look up, just below the top banner. See that tab that says “schedule“? It’s a lot more exciting than it sounds.

Our partnership with SeatGeek turns an ordinary schedule into the smart way to search for and buy tickets. Rather than taking the time to price out tickets on StubHub and a handful of other secondary markets, click the “Buy Tickets” link next to the game you’re interested in attending. SeatGeek aggregates all the ticket sites and displays the results in an easy to see stadium view (the Chiefs-Lions game for example). SeatGeek has a value rating system that takes price and location into account, or you can easily sort strictly by price.

Now you know where to buy, the other big question is when to buy. Clicking our schedule page helps there too. A SeatGeek powered graph will plot the average ticket cost throughout the season. If the graph shows an uptick, it is probably time to buy. On the downswing? Might as well wait.

At this point you’re probably thinking that I’m just pimping a site feature since I’m the editor. You’re wrong. I used this feature through Motor City Bengals earlier in the summer for a Detroit Tigers game when I wasn’t happy with the results I was getting with the official Tigers box office. I ended up with great seats at a great price and landed on TV following a Jhonny Peralta home run. I can’t promise you’ll wind up on television but I can promise that using this feature on SideLion Report will greatly improve your ticket buying experience.

Check it out.

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