Jason La Canfora likes Detroit Lions

You really should get to know the people in your neighborhood. I’ve been living in the same neighborhood in St. Clair Shores for 13 years now, and have a neighbor across the street who I mostly know from waving “hi” to when cutting the front lawn.

Lately, we’ve been talking and he told me that he was picking up Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network from the airport, who’s in town to check out the Lions at Allen Park. How does my neighbor know a guy who is regularly on national TV? Apparently, my neighbor Don knows him from when Jason covered the Red Wings from 1997 to 1999. The first thing that came to my mind was- -I just HAVE to talk to him about our Lions.

I got a chance to talk to Jason before he went to the Wednesday practice at Allen Park. He really likes what the Lions have been building here for a couple of years now. “Martin and coach Schwartz make a pretty good tandem.” He likes their philosophy of a “Multi-dimensional attack and attack the quarterback” approach. When asked what makes the D-line so imposing, he said that they have “individual freaks of nature who can collapse the line from the inside out.” He calls Ndamukong Suh “Special”. He did warn that the “intensity that makes him special could turn into a James Harrison situation.” No sooner did he say that, when he looked at his phone and said “They fined him $20,000″, meaning his fines are only going to escalate. He joked that maybe Suh could learn how to “dial it down from 11 to 10.”

Jason was asked a question that’s on all of the NFL’S mind before the season starts: how good can Matthew Stafford be? “Sky’s the limit” replied La Canfora. He also noted that Stafford “needs better pocket awareness” and should learn to move up in the pocket quicker. He thinks that the Lions will finish second in the division and can be 10-6 if Matt Stafford is healthy.

That’s the million-dollar question, Stafford could be the next big star in this league, but nobody can predict his future health. Is he injury prone or just unlucky his first two years in the league? Jason was happy that the Lions are finally on the NFL radar screen. He knows all about the loyalty of the Detroit sports fan. When asked what he missed about Detroit since leaving, he said “The people”. “There is no better place to cover hockey than Detroit” said La Canfora.

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