Detroit Lions Madden 12 Player Ratings Revealed

ESPN has been given exclusive access to Madden 12 player ratings and they have slowly released them team-by-team. Today is finally the day they got to the Detroit Lions.

Not surprisingly, the Detroit Lions highest rated player is wide receiver Calvin Johnson. His 93 overall rating gives him the distinction of being the only pixelated Detroit Lions player to crack the 90 mark. Ndamukong Suh is the defense’s highest rated player at 89 overall.

Here is the full list of overall player ratings for each member of the Detroit Lions on the Madden 12 default roster:

Player Position Overall Rating
C. Johnson Jr. WR 93
N. Suh DT 89
J. Hanson K 88
C. Williams DT 86
C. Avril LE 85
R. Sims LG 84
L. Delmas FS 84
J. Backus LT 83
B. Pettigrew TE 81
J. Best HB 80
M. Stafford QB 80
G. Cherilus RT 80
D. Raiola C 80
K. Vanden Bosch RE 80
E. Coleman SS 80
N. Burleson WR 78
C. Houston CB 78
M. Morris HB 77
D. Levy MLB 77
L. Jackson LE 77
N. Fairley DT 77
J. Felton FB 76
S. Hill QB 76
T. Scheffler TE 75
S. Peterman RG 75
A. Smith CB 75
K. Smith HB 74
D. Thomas RG 74
S. Hill DT 74
B. Carpenter LOLB 73
N. Harris P 73
A. Spievey SS 73
M. Leshoure HB 72
C. Hilliard RT 71
Z. Follett ROLB 71
T. Hill CB 71
L. Johnson ROLB 70
T. Ugoh LT 69
J. DeVries LE 69
B. McDonald CB 69
B. Johnson WR 68
D. Stanton QB 68
J. Fox RT 68
A. Palmer LOLB 68
N. Vasher CB 68
T. Young WR 67
I. Ekejiuba MLB 67
D. Rayner K 66
T. McBride RE 66
J. Wendling FS 66
D. Gandy C 64
W. Heller TE 63
S. Logan WR 63
D. Williams WR 63
A. Brown HB 63
I. Johnson HB 62
W. Young RE 62
R. Phillips FS 62
D. Gerberry C 61
J. Dizon MLB 61
B. Clark WR 60
Z. Robinson QB 60
B. Turner RE 60
D. Hogue LOLB 59
J. Williams CB 59
A. Fluellen DT 58
P. Miller CB 57
T. Toone WR 56
C. Campbell ROLB 55
A. Berry CB 54
D. Muhlbach TE 52
R. Callaway DT 52
J. Nordin FB 51

You may notice that two important names are not on the list: Stephen Tulloch and Justin Durant. Those acquisitions came too late in the game development process to be included in the out-of-the-box roster. Rest assured, a roster update will be available when the game is released later this month.

Stephen Tulloch’s rating was revealed with the rest of the Titans roster; he sports a solid overall rating of 88. Justin Durant is listed with an 83 rating for the Jaguars. New Lions cornerback Eric Wright and his 81 overall rating is still listed on the Browns.

For a full position-by-position breakdown of all the various sub-categories head to

I would also like to bring your attention to an article by Michael Schottey in which he calls out five ratings that he finds most surprising:

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