Detroit Lions Gain Cap Space by Renegotiating Matthew Stafford's Deal

It seems that there is always salary cap space to be found with a few creative maneuvers with a big contract. The Detroit Lions have reportedly gained over $6 million in cap space by renegotiating Matthew Stafford‘s deal a couple weeks ago.

The renegotiation has not been verified by the team or Stafford’s agent but Bill Shea of Crain’s Detroit Business is reporting the following:

He’ll be paid a $525,000 base salary this season. The team exercised an option on him last season, which gave him a $3.4 million bonus, said the source, who agreed to communicate on the condition of anonymity. That means Stafford costs the Lions $6.1 million this year against the NFL’s new $120.4 million salary cap instead of $12.48 million (including what would have been a $9 million base salary).

“The Lions took that $9 million salary for this season, reduced it to the minimum for a third-year player ($525,000), then paid the difference ($8.475 million) as a bonus so it could be prorated for cap purposes, saving $6,356,250 of cap room,” the source said.

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Kyle Vanden Bosch also renegotiated his deal to bring the total salary cap savings to $8.5 million:

Vanden Bosch reduced his base salary from $4.5 million to $810,000, the minimum for players with between seven and nine years experience.

Like Stafford, KVB will get the rest of his money as a signing bonus.

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