Bengals no match for Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions manhandled the Cincinnati Bengals with ease last night. Did the rest of the Bengals retire along with Carson Palmer–or are the Lions that good? There was a lot to like from last night’s game. Matt Stafford looked great in the short time he was out there. Hell, if you went to get a beer at the beginning of the game, he was done before you got back to your seat. They solved the problem of his shoulder injuries by not letting him get touched.

All in all, in was a fun game to watch, the highlight was the annual beheading of an opposing quarterback by Ndamukong Suh. He started last year the same way he started this year. In a scene straight out of Mortal Kombat, he welcomed QB Andy Dalton to the bigs with a twisting bear hug slam to the ground. That was after Suh altered his first pass to cause an interception on the Bengals first play. Suh’s message is clear: The Lions aren’t the league’s patsies anymore. There’s a new sheriff in town, and he plays for the Detroit Lions.

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