NFLPA Ratifies New CBA, League Year Begins

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports is reporting that enough votes have been collected to ratify the new CBA necessary to begin the league year:

Just got word from a source they have received enough votes! Let the league year begin

The lockout was lifted with the foundation of a deal but minor details were left to sort out in the meantime. The two sides worked late into the night last night and put the finishing touches on the CBA this morning for the Player reps to vote on this afternoon. One of the details that needed to be finalized was drug testing and reports suggest that the NFL will be leading the way for all of professional sports in America by testing for human growth hormone in addition to steroids. The counting of votes means the done deal is now a done done deal. Enter a decade of labor peace.

This also means the Lions organization can start letting fans into their training facility and practice will begin. The team was supposed to begin their session at 4:15 this afternoon but delayed to await word on the vote. Ratification means the league year begins which means players that were free agents are now eligible to join their teammates as full participants in practice. Think they were itching to get going? More from Glazer:

Gate at Lions practice opened and their 25 guys who couldn’t practice came running out to one player yelling, “We’re free! We’re free!”

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