Here Come the Detroit Lions Predictions

Fans are expecting a lot, what is a beat writer expecting from this team? Lions beat writer Tom Kowalski put out his official prediction for the Lions’ 2011 season this afternoon on the Sean, Terp and Killer show and set the bar at 8-8.

While it might be easy to label Killer a “hater”, he did say they will be a lot of fun to watch and that they will be in every game they play but gave the following three reasons for limiting his prediction to eight wins:

  • The division they are in is very good.
  • The Schedule is “brutal”
  • Been burned before, needs to see it before predicting it

I think all three points of reservation are fair. There are a number of factors that go in to a team’s final record. The Lions roster may very well be capable of a double-digit win season with some other schedule but the truth is that the beginning and end of the schedule they have been handed doesn’t lend itself for that kind of season.

My prediction would probably be more like 9-7 but I acknowledge that 8-8 would be more probable than 10-6. Feel free to leave your own prediction as a comment.

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