Chris Houston Back in the Fold with Detroit Lions

It is being reported that Chris Houston has resigned with the Detroit Lions, filling yet another hole in the Detroit lineup.   While the reports are unconfirmed, it seems the deal is for two years and six million dollars. 

While not the long term deal Chris Houston was searching for, you have to figure he is happy to be back with a Lions defense that should be much improved from last year.   And give props to the Lions, who seem to have a great understanding of  the market value for available players, and are willing to wait out free agents while the market levels out.

With the reported signing of Stephen Tulloch and now Chris Houston, and both with short term deals, the Lions now have the flexibility to see how each perform in the next seasons before making long term decisions on either one of them.  If the players outperform, they have the ability to test free agency to see if the market for them has improved.

With the bulk of free agency now seemingly complete, and with all the training camp battles ahead, it appears that the Lions starting defense will be as follows: 

Defensive Ends:  Avril, KVB

Defenisve Tackle:  Suh, Williams

MLB:  Stephen Tulloch

OLB;  Justin Durant, DeAndre Levy

Cornerbacks:  Eric Wright, Chris Houston

Safeties;  Louis Delmas, Erik Coleman

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