Don't Expect Roy Williams to Return to Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions are parting ways with Bryant Johnson and Roy Williams will not return to the Dallas Cowboys. The question has to be asked: is a Detroit Lions-Roy Williams reunion a possibility?

There are ways to rationalize the possible signing of Roy Williams. Assuming he’s at a point in his career where he would accept the role that is realistically coming his way, he could be a productive player in spots opposite Calvin Johnson. He was still productive at the time of his departure from the Lions and what happened to him in Dallas is rather inexplicable. I’m sure Matthew Stafford wouldn’t mind having the option of throwing a fade to the right or the left in the red zone.

So why would the front office’s consideration of adding Roy Williams fall somewhere between “not considered” and “gave it a passing thought”? The same reason Bryant Johnson was released that created the vacancy in the first place.

The Lions are set at wide receiver with Calvin Johnson, Nate Burleson and Titus Young. Those three are on the roster to be the top three options. The drafting of Titus Young sealed Bryant Johnson’s fate as he had slipped to fourth on the wide receiver depth chart, a spot where teams need to get special teams contributions from. You won’t see Bryant Johnson as a gunner on punt coverage and you won’t see that from Roy Williams either.

Adding Roy Williams to the Lions roster might make sense in Madden 12 but it isn’t a realistic option given the Lions current standing at wide receiver.

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