Minnesota Vikings Acquisition of Donovan McNabb Means Little to Detroit Lions

Reports are trickling in that the Donovan McNabb to the Minnesota Vikings rumors are now fact. I’m sure it will be sold in Minneapolis as the move to bring in a veteran quarterback necessary for the Vikings to return to contender status. I’m not buying it. Do the Lions need to worry about the Vikings in the NFC North after these developments? I don’t think so.

It is easy to remember the Donovan McNabb of a few years ago and overestimate the impact McNabb will have as a member of the Minnesota Vikings. The truth is that he isn’t that guy anymore and as Lions fans, we already know that.

Have we forgotten Donovan McNabb’s last trip to Detroit? It was Halloween and McNabb was either wearing his over-the-hill quarterback costume or he’s lost his former brilliance. The Lions emerged with their second win of the season and held McNabb to a 75.7 quarterback rating in the process. Not only that, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan made the decision to replace McNabb with backup Rex Grossman in the fourth quarter. Congratulations Vikings fans, he’s all yours.

Last season the Vikings looked like a former contender whose window had closed. They had a big question mark at quarterback and seemingly addressed it in the draft with Christian Ponder. Young quarterbacks are never immediate answers and it had always been assumed the Vikes would look to bring in a veteran to compete. I have a hard time believing McNabb is allowing the trade just for the chance to “compete”.

Lions fans have seen some of the ups and downs of a the development of a highly drafted quarterback and one of the biggest problems fans point to with Stafford’s injury problems is that his development will be delayed. Going with McNabb over Ponder is equal to the Vikings choosing to delay Ponder’s development. He would have had enough around him to avoid having the weight of the offense on his shoulders yet he will likely sit.

The Minnesota Vikings are delaying his development for what, a couple meadiocre seasons with Donovan McNabb? As a Lions fan, I say thanks. The Vikings are no more a threat to the Lions today then they were yesterday and they may have decreased their chances of becoming a threat in the next couple seasons. Donovan McNabb doesn’t scare me and neither do the Vikings.

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