SideLion Report Saturday Second Serving

I hope you find time to read this site every day but I know busy schedules means that probably isn’t realistic. As a matter of convenience for finding some of SLR’s best content from the past week, enjoy the SideLion Report Saturday Second Serving. Consider this the editor’s picks of the week.

Monday: The Sports Business Journal may have said the Detroit Lions are the most difficult team to root for but Ace Anbender disagreed.

Tuesday: Is there anything to be learned from the NFL lockout? Nate VanNorwick thinks so and he explained.

Wednesday: Rookie contracts will look a lot different under the new CBA (when ratified) than they did in the past. Ross Husson takes you through the details.

Thursday: The Tigers made some waves by trading for a third baseman to replace Brandon Inge. He’s been an interesting player as he’s attracted his fair share of detractors and apologists, do the Lions have a player like Brandon Inge?

Friday: The Lions rookie class consists of five players. Which one are you most excited to see on the field for the Lions?

Most read article of the week: Don’t Pay $60 for Madden 12 When You Can Get it for $45 and Have it Delivered

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