Don't Pay $60 for Madden 12 When You Can Get it for $45 and Have it Delivered

Real football is just around the corner and so is the digitized version known as Madden 12, the latest installment in the NFL franchise from EA Sports.

Click to get Madden 12 for $45

If you read this blog there is a good chance you’re a football fan and if you’re a football fan that also plays video games there is a good chance you will be picking up Madden 12 when it hits stores next month.

You could wait unit the game is in stores, take the time to drive there and back and pay $60 for the game in the process, or you could pre-order the game through the Toys “R” Us website, have it delivered straight to your door and only pay $45 with free shipping.

We don’t have any kind of deal with Toys “R” Us, this is just about SideLion Report wanting to save you some cash by bringing this to your attention. They are offering the deal and we want you to know about it. It looks like the offer applies for both the XBOX 360 and PS3 versions of the game. There is no telling how long this offer will last so it is probably worth pulling the trigger now if you already know you’ll be buying the game this year. I doubt a better offer will be available closer to the launch date.

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