Check Out These Extreme Detroit Lions Fans

Remaining a loyal SideLion Report reader through the uncertainty of the NFL lockout might qualify you as an extreme Detroit Lions fan by itself. That being said, I’ve been contact by some people that have some ink to take their extreme fan status to another level.

It started last april with twitter user ItsMeMikeG and continues now with a couple more pictures that have made their way to my inbox.

The most recent photo sent to me comes from twitter user DTownPatches.

while the large Lions logo on the arm looks like a completed tattoo, it really isn’t. Patrick has plans to add to it. I’ll let him explain with the words he included in his email to me:

Solidified my “Die Hard” status after 0-16. Can’t wait to tattoo the Lombardi Trophy behind it.

Cory Walker's Tattoo

Cory Walker sent me the picture of his tattoo on the right. He mocked up the Lions logo jumping through the Olde English D and had it in flesh.

I must say that it’s a better look than that road hat the Tigers used in the 90’s that featured a Tiger coming out of the D.

I’d love to feature more forms of Lions fanaticism so be sure to send it on if you have something special to show how big of a Lions fan you really are. My intention has been to feature all sorts of fanatic expressions, I’d love to see something more than tattoos!

Do you have a sweet Lions themed man cave? Shoot some video and take us through MTV Cribs style, upload it to youtube and I’ll give it some space on the site. Did you attend all 16 Lions games during a recent season and want to share your experience? Do you have children named after Lions players?

If you think you have an expression of extreme fandom that needs to be shared with other Lions fans, tweet it @SideLionReport or consider emaling me. Looking forward to hearing from more great Lions fans!

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