Barry Sanders vs. Emmitt Smith Debate Rages On

Barry Sanders has now spent more years retired from the NFL than years in it but that doesn’t mean he is no longer a relevant point of discussion.

Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith dominated the 90’s like no other running backs. The two have since gone on to become known as two of the all-time greats. But who was better? Barry recently had an opportunity to give his opinion on the matter but declined to put himself ahead of Smith; not surprising from a man that casually tossed the ball to an official rather than spiking it after scoring a touchdown.

Barry may remain quiet on the issue but a recent Pro Football Talk article about his stance generated over 200 comments and has caused the PFT folks to put up a poll asking readers which back was best.

Barry held a commanding lead (85.87% to 10.93% with 3.2% calling it a tie) by the time I cast the 6,341st vote minutes before making this post. While I don’t expect the margin to hold, I do think the general football fan holds Barry Sanders in higher regard than Emmitt Smith. I often think of the duo as the man that broke Walter Payton’s record and the man that could have held the record had he desired it. Both were great, Barry was better.

Go vote.

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